Our Team

“Needless to say, I am very proud of our company, which is a family firm started in 1981,” says Andy. “We have a fantastic team and I believe we offer a uniquely personal service to our customers. We don’t use the pallet network, so customers always know they are doing business directly with us, and can trust us to get their goods safely to the destination. We have a wealth of experience in transporting just about every type of consignment, and our customers come back to us again and again because they know our service is one hundred per cent reliable, safe and cost effective.”

I was a driver for twenty four years – the last eight of which have been for Gee’s Haulage, In January 2010 I was offered a position within the transport office, the new role was varied, but now I have a specific and more important part to play in the everyday running of our very busy haulage company, my new role focuses more on the maintenance side of the company, the day to day running of my role involves the good management of invoicing of parts the purchasing of vehicles and to ensure that all our vehicles are in a safe and well maintained condition, this could be from breakdowns to the servicing of each of our vehicles, it’s such a buzz; no two days are ever the same.

As you can see by my name, I am part of the family here at Gee’s Haulage, When I first left school my first job was in the hotel industry where I stayed for a number of years and enjoyed it until there was nothing more to challenge me, so in August 2008 I took the plunge and came to work for our family run business, I’ve never looked back, It’s such a great place to work, Since starting with Gee’s I am continually learning the various roles within the company and I have developed a good geographical understanding and logistical skill set, which is very useful when I’m dealing with our drivers and our customers.

You’re never finished here – there’s always something new to learn, and always something going on. Everyone’s really committed and it’s a great team to be part of.

I joined Gee’s Haulage in February 2010 so I’m the newcomer here, but I’m already feeling part of the team. I’m an experienced accountant and have worked for a wide range of companies.

My job here is to prepare the monthly management accounts and other essential management information. I’m also responsible for the annual statutory accounts for the company, and for making sure that all the proper documents are filed at Companies House. I work closely with Amy and Jo.

“My main duties are to deal with all the company finances,” says Amy, “I’ve been with Gee’s Haulage our family business since April 2001 basically since I left school, I’ve learnt so much over the years and I’m still learning. It’s a very eventful place, and I can’t imagine working somewhere with less of a buzz. I check the bank balance every day, issue invoices, bank receipts, VAT returns and I deal with all the timesheets & wages for the Company.”

“It’s that kind of company; if you see that someone needs help, you just go and do it, we’re a proper team.”